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Starting out as a graphics design company in the 1990s in Australia we became a leader in the new technology of computer based graphic design. Many companies, large and small, have used our services to create Company Logos, Business Letterheads and display materials. Then we started getting requests for graphic designs for web pages and web sites. Gradually this type of work increased and we became more involved in the World Wide Web.

In early 2001 we decided it was time to not just design graphics for websites but design everything. Like a lot of graphics designers we became website creators as well. The web had moved from mostly text based pages into the more enlightened era of visual design - just what we were experts at!

So we made the move and became highly successful by specialising in servicing the small to medium business market with cost effective web design. Now we have made the next move - we have relocated and now service South East Asia as well as the northern part of Australia. The reality is we can service anyone, anywhere because we are all connected to the web. However, our main focus is to provide quality service to the areas mentioned above.

We can give any small to medium business the exposure they need to grow and develop their enterprise. Our websites work. They are eye catching and not only attract customers but then entice them to explore the website thoroughly. Our designs are informative, easy to navigate and always score highly in all search engines. It is no good having a website if no one can find it! Our designs are web search fine tuned for success.

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